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Moisturizing series

All in One Essential Lotion

All in One Essential Lotion

Product number:CP-170106
Main ingredient:

β-White、DayMoistCLR、Acetyl Octapeptide-3

All purpose anti-aging strategy Moisturizing and whitening Seize the beautiful moment of the skin Activate the skin to keep the skin juvenile.The special long moisturizing efficacy moistens the skin. Improve the skin elasticity, the early aging of dry and roughness. Moisten the aging and dry skin. Smoothen the wrinkles and anti-aging. It can penetrate into the skin, strengthen the moisture, and keep the activation of the skin. With the effect of collagen, increase skin elasticity, keep water-lipid balance, smoothen the wrinkles, and anti-aging. One bottle for all the solutions. It is fresh and no burden. The multiple high functional ingredients provide high penetrating, high moisturizing, and long-term anti-wrinkle and whitening effects. Through centralized repair, the skin problems are solved from the root.