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Moisturizing series

All in One Facial Mask

All in One Facial Mask

Product number:CP-170113
Main ingredient:

β-White、 DayMoistCLR、Acetyl Octapeptide-3

Supple and whitening
Create flawless skin
whitening‧moisturizing‧anti-wrinkle all can be done in one piece!!

The skin will slack and lost the elastic due to lack of water. Hyadisine™, extracted from Brittany Gulf, France, builds up a hydrous thin layer of mesh film, infusing plenty of water from within, increasing skin’s moisture and tightness, promoting the natural glow of hydrous skin. SNAP-8 ® is added to improve and defer the troublesome skin problems that young and mature skins have. With the assistance of β-White, the skin is whitening and smooth, presenting fabulous clearness and brightness.