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Whitening series

Perfect Essence Sunscreen

Perfect Essence Sunscreen

Product number:CP-170168
Main ingredient:

■Corallina Officinalis Extract紅藻萃取液、Kalanchose Spathulata Extract生川蓮萃取液、Sodium Polyglutamate聚谷氨酸鈉、Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate、Benzophenone-3
Delicate and Supple with Brightness Radiant

◆Translucent complexion, refresh and non-sticky  ◆Sunscreen and moisturize. The make up is easy to apply after use.◆Refreshing water-base formula, suitable for sensitive and oil skin while defensing UVA and UVB. The comfortable silky moisturizing film enhance the barrier function of the skin. Delay skin aging, block, conceal, sunscreen, repair, anti-aging, and moisturize. It can touch up the skin tone with high conceal effect. High sunscreen factor yet moisture and waterproof. The high protection power and refreshing moisture formula, breathable, stable, and easy to apply. Your skin won’t have heavy and sticky feeling even after touch up. High SPF sun protection factor with low concentration sunscreen. Suitable for sensitive and normal skin. Your skin is soft and supple with crystal brightness.