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Medical Cosmetics Set

Medical Cosmetics Set

Medical Cosmetics Set

Product number:CP-170120
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As with the main ingredient of each product

C.PLAN superstar seven clinical cosmetics set to improve effectively wrinkles, pores, and once all functions in place

Long Lasting Moisture Care 4ml

The skin will seriously reduce its water diversion when experiencing the external environment which stimulates the epidermis dry, and resulting in the aging problems like rough skin and fine lines. CPLAN particularly developed a new generation of skin moisturizing savior with MOIST 24 ™ ingredients, at the same time refill, lock, and store water. Gone though tested, it can maintained 24 hours long-lasting moisturizing and start skin deep self-water transfer mechanism, let your skin be against the drying anytime, anywhere and create moist and beautiful skin.

mart Repair Moisture Care 4ml

Experience the external environment which stimulates the skin will seriously reduce its water diversion, many people ignore the importance of moisture, leading to a reduced ability of skin self-regulation, coupled with the sun, under the impact of climate temperature and humidity and air-conditioning, so that the problem of dry skin is even more obvious, therefore CPLAN in particular, developed a new generation of skin moisturizing savior containing Aqualance ™ ingredients, you can water refill at the same time, water lock, and storage, and the start up the skin’s deep self-water transfer mechanism, so that your skin can be against the drying at any time anywhere, creating a moist and beautiful skin.

Ceramide Essence 2ml

Ceramide is the most important and the highest proportion lipid in the skin cuticle. Liposomes is the necessary ingredient for the skin water conservation and natural shield. By maintaining the lipid integrity in the cuticle, it will form a protective film to reduce water loss, and keep the skin in a moisture state.

Total Effect Eye Magic Cream 3ml

The skin around the eye is most likely to expose the ages. However, the skin around the eye with the stimulation of age, stress and UV is also likely to have many problems such as dark circles, eye bags, fine lines, spots, etc., make you look older than your actual age and fatigue. Consist of the required six elements for the skin around the eye. Can fully help you resolve eye problems, restore to the electric eye.

Extremely Whitening Essence 5ml

Initiate whitening code, reproduce white radiance. New and innovative ingredients: APPS, EAA, L-Vitamin C, STAY C50. Excellent penetrating function, smooth the fine lines, anti-oxidant, anti-aging, and whitening. Prevent dermatitis caused by the sunlight, restrain the activation of Tyrosinase, block the pre-melanin evolve into melanin, lighten and reducing the melanin in the cuticle. The skin is whitened. At the same time, it stimulates the proliferation of collagen. The particle is small that it can reach deep into the skin. It includes the anti-acne formula, decrease inflammation every day.

Whitening Cream 3ml

Eliminate darkness and spots from the root Reappear new and beautiful skin. Complete block the DNA transmission from the root, solving the black spot of pigmentation. It is safe. Effectively block the production of Tyrosinase, refuse the synthesis of melanin. A whitening cream that is high effective whitening and lightening the spot, high moisturizing, high activation, anti-oxidant, and anti-dryness. The texture is smooth, but not greasy. The skin is moisturized, supple, the transparent.

All in One Essential Lotion 3ml

All purpose anti-aging strategy Moisturizing and whitening Seize the beautiful moment of the skin Activate the skin to keep the skin juvenile.The special long moisturizing efficacy moistens the skin. Improve the skin elasticity, the early aging of dry and roughness. Moisten the aging and dry skin. Smoothen the wrinkles and anti-aging. It can penetrate into the skin, strengthen the moisture, and keep the activation of the skin. With the effect of collagen, increase skin elasticity, keep water-lipid balance, smoothen the wrinkles, and anti-aging. One bottle for all the solutions. It is fresh and no burden. The multiple high functional ingredients provide high penetrating, high moisturizing, and long-term anti-wrinkle and whitening effects. Through centralized repair, the skin problems are solved from the root.