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C.PLAN starts up

C.PLAN starts up

The pursuit of the nature of the skin is the starting point of the C.PLAN concept created by Leess Bio-technology and health care, medical cosmetics and other professional team of doctors together. Since 2008, we began to taking care of customers’ skin from medical and scientific point of view. With different physical fitness, age, condition of customers every day for skin diagnosis, we discuss with every customer and carefully. We asked the customer's lifestyle, maintenance procedures, and skin troubles. We do the "people" and "skin” integrated thinking.

Depth study of the relationship between skin troubles and skin condition scientific data and then developed goods which has more practical the effects. In addition, keep track of the skin of every customer for many years; analyse the skin changes with increasing age, long-term continuous observation of the skin, and understanding the key to the maintenance of skin age.

The skin will tell us what is the skin really needs maintenance.

C.PLAN 【people-origin skin】 is the natural operation based on continuous R & D , manufacturing 【Medical cosmetic level】and Conservation, maintenance products. The continued pursuit of the Leess Bio-technological Division, C.PLAN is base on the facts from the understanding of skin perusing composition that are mild for the skin but also highly effective.
In addition, under the commercialization state, the goal is to let the customers feel the effectiveness on their skins. We combine the technological achievements of the international skin care, and Taiwan's medical technology experience in order to keep developing skin care products suitable for Asian people.