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C.PLAN Begin


Japan first discovered that the intercellular lipid Ceramide is the key to skin’s self-moisturizing ability and protection, and published this breakthrough findings to the world.


Successfully developed a "deep moisturizing Ceramide functional ingredients "


Successfully added the "deep moisturizing Ceramide functional ingredients to skin care products, developed Ceramide cell lipid care products for global dermatologists to carry out joint research, and is confirmed that" deep moisturizing Ceramide functional components can effectively improve atopic dermatitis (prurigo).


Dermatology clinics and medical institutions around the world has completed the product clinical trials for many years, and developed Ceramide specially for dry and sensitive skin.


Dermatology and medical professional physicians has technically cooperated with natural plant extracts Ceramide from France. Researched and developed special for the Asian climate and physical. In addition to dry skin, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, ichthyoids skin care, and in improving epidermal cell division and basal cells, though regeneration, upgrade through the inhibition of growth induced cell differentiation, and stimulates the skin to turnover the aging cells, naturally return to a youthful supple skin.


After many years of clinical testing and technical cooperation with France,they officially launched care products designed for dry sensitive skin –C.PLAN. The Ceramide, and first provided to major medical institutions, as after treatment skin care skin care products.